About Gold Rush

Gold Rush is played by dropping a toonie with a sticker on it that has your designated Gold Rush number on it into one of our Gold Rush Boxs. A draw will take place every Thursday and we will announce the weekly winner on this site as well as on our Facebook page. 

Surrounding cities have winning pots ranging from $3,000 to $95,000!!! So lets get the ball rolling here in Riverview.

There are two ways to get a Gold Rush Number

Get a Gold Rush Ticket at any of the Gold Rush locations


Call the Boys & Girls Club, and you can pre-pay over the phone.

If you’ve pre-paid you may check your number on our website to see when you’re paid up to.  If you are playing each week at one of our box locations, don’t forget to play! You need to have your number in to win. Also, please remember that you can only play once per number per week and to underline your number as some numbers look like a different number upside down.

Your number will then be printed on a card tag that is locked away in our draw bin. It will stay in there permanently and could be drawn out each week. Remember, you have to pay each week (or pre-pay in advance) in order to win if your number is drawn. If you didn’t pay and your number is drawn, your half of the proceeds will go back in the pot for the next week’s draw. The draws will take place on Thursdays at the Club. We’ll call you if you win and the winning number will be announced on our Facebook page as well as this website. Here you will be able to see an up-to-date list of box locations and to see the winning number for each week.

Players MUST be residents of New Brunswick. If they move outside of the Province of New Brunswick, their Gold Rush Membership will be forfeited at that time. Please contact the Club if your address has changed even within the province, as we need to have your current mailing address on file at all times. Players must also be at least 19 years of age.

Don’t forget to tell your friends! This type of draw takes a little bit of time to build up players – and the more that play, the more you can win. Please let us know if you have any questions.